About Us


About Us

The Donahue Law Firm Philosophy

The Donahue Law Firm, located in Annapolis, Maryland is founded on a simple premise: everyone deserves responsive, hands-on, and effective legal expertise. It might be that you need help addressing an issue with your business. Or perhaps the issue involves your family. It might even be something entirely foreign. Maybe you’re facing something that happened in the past. Or you’re trying to plan for the future. Whatever it is, your issues are our focus. And our commitment to that focus is brought to life by providing you with the responsive, informed, and engaged communication we know you need.

Litigated Proceedings

We are firmly of the mind that superior courtroom performance is the greatest facilitator of pretrial resolution. We pride ourselves on our courtroom reputation and we specialize in matters that are trial bound. The Firm is committed to the satisfaction of our clients, and nothing ensures satisfaction more than attentive and uncompromising representation.

Non-Adversarial Matters

Our clients range from individuals with personal, everyday legal issues to individuals wronged by the careless or thoughtless actions of strangers.  All of our clients value our practical and cost-effective legal advice and services. When it comes to client-attorney attention, we know our clients appreciate the client focus and priority they find at The Donahue Law Firm.

The Donahue Law Firm, located in Annapolis, Maryland, is the product of a multi-generational family of attorneys who believe in providing the quality, attention, and effectiveness that we would seek in solving our own problems. More importantly, we know that when a problem arises in your life, nothing is more valuable than having someone standing with you. Our decades-long experience in a variety of legal areas grounds itself in the belief that dignity, honesty, and fairness are the values underlying the path to meeting your needs and well-being. Bringing your problem to our Firm means that you will have the opportunity to meet with us, hear who we are, and truly appreciate our understanding that by making your issues our own, we bring our community a little closer together.