Civil Rights Law


“Each of you as an individual must pick your own goals. Listen to others but do not become a blind follower. Do not wait for others to move out—move out yourself—where you see wrong or inequality or injustice speak out, because this is your country. This is your democracy—make it—protect it—pass it on. You are ready. Go to it.”

                                                                     Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, May 21, 1978

Need a Civil Rights Lawyer?

The protection of civil rights is fundamental to maintaining the laws of the United States.  The Donahue Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the fabric which makes our country the diverse melting pot of ideas and people originally envisioned nearly 250 years ago.  When we see wrong or inequality we not only speak out, but we act.  Whether you find yourself discriminated against for the color of your skin, your gender identity, your national origin, your religion, a disability, or your sexual orientation, our attorneys are here to listen and we want to help tell your story.    

If there is no struggle there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation are men who want crops without plowing up the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters.”

                                                                       Frederick Douglass, August 3, 1857

Do not struggle alone. The Donahue Law Firm has found success in giving a voice to those who have been silenced.  If you think we may be able to assist you, please let us know. 

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