Our Practice Areas


Wrongful Death & Personal Injury

In a moment’s time our lives can be changed, or destroyed, by the careless and indifferent acts of others, leading to life changing tragedy. We have extensive experience representing victims and their families in wrongful death and serious personal injury matters arising from the negligent or intentional acts of others. 

Civil Rights Law

We take on difficult civil rights cases for clients who have faced true discrimination.  We have the savvy and resources to deliver excellent results to our clients, and our firm excels at representing individuals in complex situations.

Divorce & Family Law 

We understand that individuals face emotional, financial, and personal difficulties when dealing with the separation and divorce process. Our philosophy focuses on encouraging sincerity and thoughtful consideration when handling often sensitive family issues.

Probate & Estate

At The Donahue Law Firm we understand that no one wants to take the time to plan for the worst case scenario: incapacity or death. But the fact remains that it is very important that each and every one of us gives some thought to these possibilities, and plan for the inevitable, particularly if you are a parent or have other individuals who are relying on you.

Criminal Litigation

The Donahue Law Firm has an active white collar and criminal defense practice. We defend clients, individually and in business settings, who face serious federal criminal charges.

Commercial & Business Litigation

Often, litigation can be avoided through effective representation. The Donahue Law Firm represents numerous large and small businesses, company executives, and principals in a wide variety of complex and general commercial litigation.