Probate & Estate 

 At The Donahue Law Firm we understand that no one wants to take the time to plan for the worst case scenario: incapacity or death. But the fact remains that it is very important that each and every one of us gives some thought to these possibilities, and plan for the inevitable, particularly if you are a parent or have other individuals who are relying on you. We help our clients understand the issues which are specific to his or her situation and develop a plan to protect their loved ones.

We prepare durable general powers of attorney so that your finances and affairs can be handled for you during a period of incapacity. Additionally, we offer powers of attorney for specific or limited purposes, as well as advance medical directives and living wills that ensure that your wishes will be carried out in making health care decisions for you in the event you are unable to make the decision for yourself.

Our firm assists its clients by narrowing down the broad spectrum of wills and trusts, to find the instrument which meets our clients’ needs. We ensure that the assets of our clients will be transferred to their intended beneficiaries, and that those assets will be used for their intended purposes. Estate planning allows for consideration of the most efficient and economical way of transferring property to your heirs, while minimizing the amount of taxes due. An example of one such method of transferring property is that of a living trust. A living trust is a useful tool to avoid the requirements of probate, while at the same time providing a transition for the management of assets. As individuals age, we are dedicated to providing the support our clients need in this often difficult, but very important process.

The firm also assists individuals in the administration of estate of decedents to ensure they satisfy all the requirements to account for and distribute an estate. We also represent heirs or beneficiaries who have questions about how an estate or trust is being administered and whether their interests are being protected.

We provide representation to individuals in guardianship proceedings to be appointed the guardian of the person or property of a minor or an individual who is incapacitated. Once appointed guardian we assist in preparation of the required accounting and filings with the Court.


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